Subject Availability In UTSOnline

Enter the Subject ID and the appropriate Session below to confirm the availability of your subject in UTSOnline. A subject in UTSOnline is referred to as a UTSOnline Subject Site.

After entering the Subject ID and Session, a successful search will return the following UTSOnline Subject Site information:

  • UTSOnline Subject ID: The ID of the UTSOnline Subject Site.
  • UTSOnline Subject Name: The name of the UTSOnline Subject Site.
  • CASS Subject / Location: The ID and campus location of the subject.
  • Enrolment Date: The date on which the UTSOnline Subject Site will start accepting student enrolment according to subject enrolment information obtained from the Curriculum and Student System (CASS).
  • Available: The availability status of the UTSOnline Subject Site. If set to No, students will not be able to see the UTSOnline Subject Site. Any enquiry regarding this status should be directed to your faculty.
  • Student Removal: The date on which student removal will occur if it has been requested. This generally applies to Forums and not UTSOnline Subject Sites.