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Unable to search or browse Lynda.com content in UTSOnline Subjects

There is an issue with Lynda.com which prevents instructors from searching or browsing its content from UTSOnline. Users can still access existing embedded Lynda.com content in UTSOnline or login to Lynda.com directly.

Subject Outlines in UTSOnline Subjects

In 2016 all Subject Outlines will be available in UTSOnline from the first day of Orientation and Preparation week for the relevant session.


Log in to UTSOnline to locate and read the subject outline in each of your subject sites.
If you are unable to see a subject outline, notify the Student Enquiry Team.
Get help finding your subject outline.

Subject Coordinators:

Subject outlines, including those for distance mode and block subjects, should be uploaded prior to the start of Orientation and Preparation weeks for the main teaching sessions in the Main Calendar and Calendar B. For short sessions subject outlines should be uploaded one week prior to the start of teaching.
Get help to upload subject outlines.

Please note: Before uploading your subject outlines, ensure you have submitted a request for automated enrolment for all your subjects. Students will be unable to see the subject outline if automated enrolment has not been requested.
Get help to submit a request for automated enrolment.

Latest news

Archive UTSOnline
The temporary Archive site for Autumn 2016 Session Calendar A & B is now available via the Archive tab in UTSOnline.The Archive site provides extended read-only access for UTS students and staff to UTSOnline subject sites for supplementary and alternative assessments.

Further information is available on this Help page, including information for staff who need their Autumn students to submit work online.
UTSOnline Upgrade July 3rd
UTSOnline was upgraded on July 3rd 2016, to implement bug and security fixes.

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