Summer Session 2018 and Autumn Session 2019 subject preparation

UTSOnline subjects will be automatically created for staff preparation on the following dates:

Thursday November 1, 2018 for Summer Session 2018 subjects
- Available to students on Monday November 12, 2018

Monday November 26, 2018 for Autumn Session 2019 subjects
- Available to students on Monday February 18, 2019 (Calendar B) and Monday March 4, 2019 (Calendar A)

Details on the automated process, including all the key dates for these sessions, are on the Automated UTSOnline Subject Creation and Enrolment help page.

Subject Coordinators can request early creation and different copy settings using an online form.

Subject Coordinators: Have you set up your Grade Centre for Automation?

FEIT, Law, Health or GSH only

Grades for these faculties will be submitted from the UTSOnline Grade Centre and transferred into the student admin system at the end of session. You will no longer use SLS spreadsheets.

This is a new process and there are a number of steps including setting up your Grade Centre columns and assessment weightings that you must complete to make sure your grades are transferred correctly.

If you haven't yet set up Grade Centre for each of your subjects, or if you want to make sure you have done it correctly, follow the instructions here.

Face-to-face help is also available. IML LX.Lab staff are running workshops for staff (follow link to register):
Friday 19th October (Week 12), 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 23rd October (StuVac), 2pm-3pm
Thursday 25th October (StuVac), 11am-12pm

You can also drop-in to the LX.lab from 11am-1pm Mon-Fri, and/or make a booking for assistance with your set-up.

Why has a Consent Matters subject appeared?

A new course has appeared in UTSOnline. You're required - like all members of our community - to complete it to ensure that we all have a shared understanding of sexual consent. Read more on the Consent Matters FAQs website.

If you want support, to make report or to know how to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence, find out more on the Sexual assault, indecent assault and sexual harassment website.

Study over summer

Whether you're keen to catch up or spread your study load, we're offering a variety of faculty-based subjects and university-wide electives this Summer session.
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Conditions of use

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Maintenance window

  • UTSOnline has a window reserved for regular maintenance, from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM (AET) on Sunday mornings.