Why has a Consent Matters subject appeared?

A new course has appeared in UTSOnline. You're required - like all members of our community - to complete it to ensure that we all have a shared understanding of sexual consent. Read more on the Consent Matters FAQs website.

If you want support, to make report or to know how to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence, find out more on the Sexual assault, indecent assault and sexual harassment website.


Spring Session 2018 subject preparation

UTSOnline Spring Session 2018 subjects will be available for staff preparation following automated creation on Monday July 2.
Automated group creation from MSA+ into UTSOnline subjects will take place over the period July 6-13.
The Spring subjects will be made available to students on Monday July 16.


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For more information including a workaround, please refer to the UTSOnline help pages.

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